There are lots of things to consider when you go out trying to meet women.  When you’re with your friends, do you make a game plan or do you just wing it?  It can be good to have a game plan because you want to maximize your chances.  Taking turns being wingman can be fruitful for everyone involved, for example.  If you discuss your “plan of attack” then you know how best to support each other.  Also, if you talk about it ahead of time, it prevents the chances of stepping on your each other’s toes.  The last thing you want is for your no good buddy to swoop in and close the deal on some woman you’ve been putting the moves on all night…what a jerk!…  uhmm….ahem…sorry, I had a moment there.  Anyway, I think it’s best to talk it out  so you know where everyone stands.

As you’ve probably noticed, I missed last week’s post.  Let’s call it a scheduling calamity.  Sorry about that.  I know you were all dying to read a new strip!  Anyways, I’m back on track now!!