Ah, the rituals of trying to meet the opposite sex.  Stand this way, stand that way, act cool, be cool, pretend that you didn’t notice her, but make eye contact…grrr.  Sometimes it seems like there should be a play book.  But I guess there really is no magic formula to it.  I find that you’ll have a much better time if you just focus on having fun hanging with your friends on the town.  If you happen to meet somebody when you guys are out, then it’s just an added bonus.

I had a hard time coming up with how to fit the story into the standard 3 or 4 panels.  It seems like I would have to draw everything really tiny to fit everybody into the strip.  So, I tried using a single background split into three panels to give the illusion of motion.  Three ladies enter the scene in the first panel and exit in the third panel.  I don’t think it came out quite that obvious.  It probably came out confusing on the first read.  I guess you’re the judge of that.  What do you think?