Recently, I got a new work computer.  With it, came a new operating system.  Part of me was apprehensive about it.  We all know there’s a learning curve in figuring out how to do the things we could easily do on the old computer.  But once I stopped grumbling, it was pretty easy to figure out the layout and features of the new OS.  However, I’ll say that they’ve employed some new terminology: they’ve found new names for new things and new names for old things.  It got me worried a few times.  I started wondering, “If I click this button and that button, is it going to do what I think it’s going to do?”

As for the art this week, the overall layout didn’t quite turnout the way I envisioned it.  Once I started lettering it, I wished that I one more panel to make the pacing better.  Of course, five panels can be a bit much.  There is only so much real estate; squeezing in one more panel means each panel is smaller.  That’s part of the challenge and fun of these strips: figuring out how to tell a story from start to finish in only so many panels!