It’s interesting how people behave certain ways and how those ways are influence by the groups they surround themselves with.  If you pay attention you’ll see those behaviors change from group to group.  I’m not referring to being “fake.”  But people will accentuate certain traits depending on who they are hanging out with.  A group of guys may be telling dirty jokes and talking about girls.  A group of girls may be talking about clothes while engaging in pillow fights (let me have my fantasy people…).

I feel like the artwork is getting better.  It’s not completely where I want it to be.  But it’s about progression right?  I had a slight miscalculation in planning and finishing this week’s strip.  After I got done coloring, I wondered, “Where am I going to fit the text?”  Ooops.  So, I had to jerry-rig some word balloons.  It’s not quite what I had intended.  But hopefully, it still works.  Enjoy!